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  • Loan Amounts up to $100,000
  • Unsecured
  • No Equity Required 
  • Fast, Secure, Paperless Process
  • No Proof of Income Under $20,000

Have credit concerns?

Relax, we have options for most levels of credit – down to 580 FICO.

Financing: What You Need to Know

Home improvement is a great way to add value to your home. The benefits of adding a new roofing project, high efficacy windows, doors, and gutters can be seen almost immediately, by adding curb appeal and beauty. Unfortunately, it’s often the expensive price tag that prevents many people from even considering updating their property.

Service Finance Company LCC provides our customer’s loans that are used for the kind of home improvement projects that DroCo Roofing specializes in, allowing you to borrow the funding for the full cost of all projects. 

There is no equity required, unsecured, completely paperless, hassle-free, and perfect credit isn’t necessary. Here are a few key explanations of the elements of financing.

Key Terms to Understanding Financing:

  • Down Payment: The amount of money you pay upfront, in addition to your monthly payments, to fund certain home improvement projects (such as a down payment for a new roof).
  • Closing Costs: All of the fees and legal costs associated with closing a home improvement loan, such as recording and legal fees, appraisal fees, and government inspection fees.
  • Interest Rate: The amount of money you pay each month, as a percentage of the loan amount, on the amount you loaned the lender (typically, this is the annual percentage rate, or “APR’’).
  • Loan Amount: The amount you borrow, expressed in dollars.
  • Monthly Payment: The amount you pay each month, as a percentage of the loan amount, on the loan amount you loaned the lender.
  • Loan Terms: The time frame, interest rate, and other terms of the loan you take out. 

Once approved, your loan can be used to finance improvements to your home that are not related to the purchase price of your house. These include things like making repairs to your roof, windows, doors, and gutters.

If you are ready and want to add a porch, a metal roofwindows, or a brand new gutter system, feel free to contact our supportive team of experts here at DroCo Roofing today so we can assist you in applying for financing.  




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