About Metal Roofs

Metal Roofing Longevity

When comparing shingle roofs to modern metal roofing technologies, if you choose a metal roof it can have an estimated life expectancy of 40-65 years meaning that the saying that it will be “the last roof you will ever buy” is literally right! Because of its strong seams and metal hardness nothing can break these bad boys. Typical materials in these type of roofs are galvanized steel, copper, zinc, or aluminum. If you are looking to make a one off investment into your home we recommend a metal roof, not only will it increase your property value and add curb appeal but it will most likely be the last roof you will ever need to worry about.


Lightweight & Fire Safe

Metal roofs, besides being made of lightweight mostly recycled aluminum or metal material, put less strain on your home and are up to 25% lighter than its shingle counterparts and can withstand hurricane winds of up to 140mph without being damaged. Another important benefit is its fire retardant nature which can be the difference between a major loss in case of fire and they will not spark or ignite when hit by lightning or in the event of a natural wildfire thus making them an ideal choice for you and your homes safety.


Maximum Rain Runoff – Low Maintenance

Metal roofs are among the lowest maintenance roofing material there is, aside from their durability these roofs ensure that 98% of rain or snow runs off ensuring that there will be no problematic areas assuming your gutter system is in check. Their slick surfaces make for an easy way for water and debris to escape via gutters into your downspouts and off of your roof as things can get stuck in shingle roofing due to its rough consistency. If you are looking for a low maintenance beautiful option for your home a metal roof is probably the most premium and desired type of material.

Custom metal roofing is an asset that will last the life of your home, providing protection for you and your family for decades to come. A well-crafted metal roof from our metal roofing contractors comes with these benefits:

  • Energy savings
  • Fire resistant
  • Hail resistant
  • Environmentally friendly most options are made from recycled materials
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Maintenance-free
  • Potentially lower insurance costs

Return on Investment  a metal roof can increase the value of your home

  • We have highly experienced and well-trained metal roofing professionals
  • Our roofing materials are designed to last decades.
  • We are experienced. Our metal roofing specialists have worked on over 3 million square feet of metal roofing in Northeast Ohio.
  • We are continually investing money and resources into our company so that we can offer you the most innovative products and services, installed by highly skilled metal roofing experts.

Our project consultants work with you to help you decide the following:

  • Is metal roofing the most appropriate option for your home?
  • If so, what are the options that could work best for you, keeping in mind your home’s needs and your budget?
  • What options provide the best combination of energy efficiency, hail resistance and curb appeal that you are looking for?
  • Will insurance cover any of the costs involved with your roof replacement?


Roof damage is one of the most expensive cost homeowners face after an extreme windstorm hits their area. High winds are also typically accompanied by heavy rains, which expose homes with compromised roofs to massive amounts of water damage. Metal roofing can withstand gusts of wind of up to 140 mph. And because they consist of large interlocking panels, metal roofing resist uplift caused by high winds further reducing the risk of water intrusion.



Most metal roofing carries a Class A fire-resistant rating, the highest possible.. A common cause of residential fires is due to wind-blown embers, which can travel up to a mile and become lodged in between shingles. Unlike wood shake or petroleum-based asphalt roofs, metal is inherently non-combustible and offers a high degree of fire protection for your entire home.



Hail can break, split and cause tear-off damage to traditional roofing materials, resulting in big repair or replacement costs. Metal roofs, on the other hand, are naturally very tough and highly resistant to hail damage. Many insurance companies even offer discounts to homeowners who install an impact-resistant metal roof.

Many Paint Options

Our metal roofs can come in a variety of colors to match your home! Not only that, our paint is long lasting and helps to reflect energy, reducing your home’s cooling needs. This allows our metal roofs to help reduce cooling demand by nearly 25%, saving you money every month on electricity and they are considered an Energy Star Product!


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