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From metal roofing to windows, doors, gutters, and siding, with more than 10 years of experience, DroCo Roofing can help you protect your home or business. A metal roof is one of the best ways to turn a structure into a mini-solar panel and reduce cooling costs by up to 25 percent. Cooling costs are often higher than heating costs, so installing a metal roof is an ideal way to keep down your energy bills.


We are a supplier of metal roofing in the industry backed by a full-service team of metal roofing installation experts in Macedonia, OH. We’re proud to offer aluminum and standing seam roofs in addition to our standard metal. Each system is designed for a variety of design options and personalization possibilities. Plus, we offer a wide range of colors, which can help distinguish one roof from another.


Metal roofs can be made with a variety of coatings that can have different reflective properties…matte, satin, or high gloss, although the most popular finish is flat, which reflects more than 70 percent of the sun’s radiant heat. Metal roofing has been around for a long time, but until recent years it was considered a high-end material. In the last two decades, it has become cheaper and its look has become more attractive, as well.

In addition to being virtually fireproof, metal roofing can last three times longer than conventional roofing. It is impervious to insects such as termites, and it does not rot or mildew. It’s also much less likely to leak than a wooden roof.


Having a metal roof may also help with your home’s resale value. Many people favor metal roofs because they make the house look distinctive, and can substantially increase the home’s value. Our metal roofing systems also come in many light shades of gray, so they blend in well with the sky and work in many different settings.

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