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Since 2009, DroCo Roofing has served the Akron, OH area. Our roofing team has vast experience in the roof replacement profession in all areas. We are committed to offering a durable roof system to our customers through high-quality workmanship, outstanding materials, and exceptional customer service. We are a roofing company large enough to handle all of your residential and commercial roofing needs, but small enough to keep track of your project from beginning to end to ensure your complete customer satisfaction.

When we check your roof, we consider a variety of criteria to estimate how much life is left in it. One factor is how much of the roof’s granular surface has been removed. Granules give color as well as UV protection. Whenever the roof’s surface begins to deteriorate (due to natural aging), the underlying asphalt layer is exposed to the sun. The asphalt layer protects your roof from water, and when this layer is weakened, the roof must be replaced.


The shakes on a roof will fracture, decay, and become more vulnerable to wind damage as they age. Once the asphalt-soaked shake lining is revealed, the wind, rain, and sun will swiftly deteriorate it, causing leaks. It is a sign that the roof is approaching the end of its useful life if the shakes are cracked, rotten, loose, or missing. As shingles age, their wind resistance decreases. If this occurs in multiple locations, the roof may need to be replaced.


Given how many roofing problems are caused by faulty, amateur installations, having a roof that is correctly and professionally installed is critical. In fact, a correctly built roof will last longer and require fewer repairs down the road, saving you money in the long run. It would be our pleasure to come to your Akron property and provide you with a free estimate. Contact DroCo Roofing today at 330-624-8609 for professional repair or roof replacement services. You can count on us because we always deliver on what we promise!





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