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Every home has its own unique charm. Yet so many have inferior, run-of-the-mill gutters. At DroCo, that’s simply not good enough. Our seamless gutters are roll-formed on-site for a custom look and finish. This means that regardless of the length, there will be one continuous aluminum gutter with no seams. Our experts will evaluate the size, pitch, and type of roof on your home to determine whether you need 5-inch or 6-inch gutters. From there, we’ll help you decide which of our 33 colors will complement your home’s beauty best.

If you’re in need of gutter and gutter guard installation, there is no need to be overwhelmed by the vast choices available. Our professional gutter and gutter guard installation professionals will assist you every step of the way. At DroCo roofing, we’ll make sure that your new gutters are installed properly and that your gutter guards are in perfect working condition. We know that you want to keep your home in top condition, and we’ll help you do that.

Gutter guards are often called gutter helmets or screens, which all do the same job, mainly keeping leaves, branches, pine needles, and other outdoor debris from entering your gutters. They also prevent any damaging clogs to form. When it rains, a gutter guard professionally installed by one of our experts will help allow the gutter to do its job by allowing the excess water to flow away from your home. 

Another extra benefit of adding gutter guards to your home is that the likelihood of damage to your roof is minimized. Not only does it protect the exterior of your home, but it also lessens the need for costly gutter repairs in the future. Of course, it is still recommended that gutters and gutter guards in Akron should be cleaned regularly and maintained for the longevity of your investment.

We’ll make it easy for you to install new gutter and gutter guards in Akron, Ohio. The process is hassle-free. We will measure your house first and explain your options. Next, we’ll give you a quote so you’ll know what to expect and then happily assist you in deciding on the design of your choice.


At DroCo roofing, we want to be your go-to source for all of your gutter needs. Our professional experts are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We know that you’ll be happy with the results that we provide. Contact us today at 330-624-8609 to get started.

The Importance of Proper Gutter Systems

Gutters do more than channel water off your roof, they protect your home by:

  • Reducing flooding
  • Decrease erosion
  • Lower insect infestations
  • Protect landscaping
  • Deter mold



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