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The Best of the Best:

The GAF Master Elite® badge identifies a rare breed. However, the GAF Master Elite® President’s Club badge takes it one step further. Less than half of Master Elite® contractors qualify for President’s Club status, and they do that by demonstrating excellence in three key areas: Performance, Reliability, and Service. If you’re looking for experience and excellence in residential roofing, no other designation means as much.


Introducing the Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty – Unmatched Protection for Your Roofing Investment!

At DroCo Roofing, we understand that your home is one of your most significant investments. That’s why we are proud to offer the exclusive Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty for your roofing needs. With this industry-leading warranty, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your roof is protected against manufacturing defects and application errors, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Coverage You Can Count On:

The Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty covers a range of GAF roofing products, including GAF Asphaltic Shingles, GAF Ridge Cap Shingles, GAF Starter Strip Shingles, GAF Leak Barrier Products, GAF Roof Deck Protection Products, GAF Cobra® Attic Ventilation Products, GAF Master Flow® Attic Exhaust Ventilation Products, GAF Master Flow™ Pivot™ Pipe Boot Flashing, and GAF-labeled Ultimate Pipe Flashing® with EasySleeve®. It even extends to misapplications in critical areas like valleys, dormers, chimneys, and plumbing vents.

Wind and Algae Protection:

In addition to manufacturing defects, the Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty also provides wind and algae protection. Depending on the shingle type, you can benefit from wind coverage with maximum wind speeds up to 130 mph, offering exceptional resilience against severe weather conditions. Furthermore, StainGuard Plus™ technology protects your roof from algae discoloration, ensuring a beautiful appearance for years to come.

Expert Installation and Transferability:

DroCo Roofing’s commitment to professional installation ensures that your roofing products are installed correctly, following the manufacturer’s specifications and best practices. This is important because proper installation plays a crucial role in the performance and longevity of your roofing system. Having certified professionals handle the installation, you can have confidence that the products will be installed to the highest standards. Additionally, this warranty is transferable, allowing you to pass on the coverage to the next homeowner should you decide to sell your property.

Unmatched Support and Service:

In the unlikely event that you encounter an issue with your roof, our dedicated team is here to assist you. We place great emphasis on delivering excellent customer service. We recognize the importance of addressing concerns promptly and efficiently to build strong relationships with our customers. Our dedicated team is readily available to actively listen and provide timely resolutions. We understand the significance of handling every interaction with professionalism, patience, and a commitment to exceeding expectations. Rest assured, our goal is to go the extra mile to resolve any roofing-related concerns, ensuring peace of mind and delivering a positive experience.

Don’t Compromise on Quality – Choose the Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty:

When it comes to protecting your home and investment, settle for nothing less than the best. The Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty sets the industry standard for roofing warranties, ensuring that you receive top-quality products and unmatched coverage. Rest easy knowing that your roof is backed by the expertise and reputation of DroCo Roofing.


Contact us today to learn more about the Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty and how it can safeguard your home for years to come. Invest in the ultimate protection for your roof – you won’t be disappointed!




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